82 Vanagon diesel . Bad engine, 4 speed trans,center seat, no front seats.Has not run for several years. Body not too bad. For parts or restore. $1500 or make an offer. Has a title.
Brown heater cover for Vanagon , good condition. Part number 251-259-135 a or b ? Fits std transmission models. $35 plus shipping.
Instrument cluster from 1980 Vanagon. Working condition. One small piece broken on the back corner where the speedo attatches. Easily covered with a piece of duct tape or ? $150 plus shipping.
Vanagon coolant pipe. Good used pipe.I repaired a couple of pin holes. $35 plus shipping.


86 up Vanagon right side high-beam headlight. Good condition , no adjusters. $35 plus shipping.


81 Vanagon sunroof. This van is mostly stripped out but still has a complete sunroof assembly. $500 for the sunroof assembly, the roof clip, or the whole van.Lots of good parts still on this van :sliding door is not too bad,all the glass is good except the windshield, center seat, rear wheels and suspension.Should be picked up as it would be costly to ship. $450 for all.

table leg

Camper table mounting leg, good condition. Not sure if it fits bus or Vanagon. $40 plus shipping.